Florian Kalbeck - The House of the Linsky Sisters

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The celebrated concert pianist Clara Line is going through a period of artistic crisis when her twin sister Resl suddenly dies. Clara's decision to adopt the name and persona of her twin leads to involvements with four very different men.

But the place is Vienna, the year is 1937, the eve of Hitler's invasion of Austria, and Clara Line, now Resl Linsky, is Jewish.

Her search for fulfillment also leads to involvement in the resistance and the discovery of the spiritual dimension of a Judaism she thought she had left behind.
  • Author: Florian Kalbeck
  • Title: The House of the Linsky Sisters
  • Binding: Trade Paperback
  • Translation by: Michael Mitchell
  • Afterword by: Michael Mitchell
  • Publishing House: Ariadne Press
  • Pages: 165
  • Date Published: 1996
  • ISBN: 1572410264
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