Simon Wiesenthal - Krystyna: The Tragedy of the Polish Resistance

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Wiesenthal tells the authentic story of a young Polish woman who joined the Polish resistance movement, was caught, and soon after shot by the Germans under the mistaken assumption that she was Jewish. In prison, the night before her execution, she told her story to a fellow prisoner, Anya, who survived: Krystyna was dying as a Jew to avoid being tortured and forced to reveal her comrades' names. Years later Anya told Wiesenthal Krystyna's story, and asked him to bring the guilty ones to justice, which he did. In his research the author uncovered many details about the workings of the Polish resistance. In alternating chapters he intersperses the tale of his true-to-life characters with a factual historical account of the Polish underground.
  • Author: Simon Wiesenthal
  • Title: Krystyna: The Tragedy of the Polish Resistance
  • Translation by: Eva Dukes
  • Pages: 333
  • Date Published: 1992
  • Features: ill. & bibliography
  • ISBN: 0929497368
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