Arthur Schnitzler - Professor Bernhardi and Other Plays

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Long considered one of Arthur Schnitzler's greatest accomplishments, Professor Bernhardi brings together its author's treatment of anti-Semitism, an important social problem in Austria then and now, and his penetrating study of its title character. A difficult, complex hero in the mold of Ibsen's Thomas Stockman, Bernhardi is made to suffer from the reaction to his ethical, humane decision to ease a dying girl's suffering, by people whose principles are not always as high as his own. The Comedy of Words treats a favorite theme of Schnitzler's, the misuse of language, while Fink and Fliederbusch stands out as one of the few genuine and enduring comedies in German literature.
  • Author: Arthur Schnitzler
  • Title: Professor Bernhardi and Other Plays
  • Translation by: G.J. Weinberger
  • Pages: 380
  • Date Published: 1993
  • ISBN: 0929497708
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